The catalog includes great information about two and four year degrees offered at VU as well as one year certificates. The VU Catalog that is current when you register as a full time student is the catalog that will be your reference for degree expectations:

  • Degree requirements:  AS, AA, ASCT, BS, BA
  • UNIVERSITY CORE CURRICULUM: Basic Skills, Intensive Courses, Electives
  • GPA for graduation

The catalog also lists suggested curriculum for every program.

Vincennes University provides catalogs from 2002 to the most current academic year online. Please note courses, times and dates are subject to change. Catalogs prior to the 2002-2003 academic year are only available in hard copy. Please contact Instructional Services at 812-888-4176 for more information.

15 to Finish Indiana

Degree Plan Requirements
At VU and throughout Indiana, a variety of initiatives exist to ensure student success in higher education. The information included here outlines VU’s commitment to compliance with the Degree Map legislation: HEA 1348-2013. VU is an institutional supporter of the “15 to Finish Campaign” for public higher education in Indiana.

Employment Opportunities

On-Time Completion:
To encourage on-time completion of degrees, renewal of the Frank O’Bannon or 21st Century Scholar Award at higher dollar amounts (on-time award) is provided to a student who has successfully completed:

  1. At least thirty (30) credit hours by the end of the student’s first academic year;
  2. At least sixty (60) credit hours by the end of the student’s second academic year; or
  3. At least ninety (90) credit hours by the end of the student’s third academic year.

21st Century Scholars who do not meet these on-time milestones lose eligibility for the Scholars Award but may still receive a Frank O’Bannon Award if they meet the eligibility requirements for that award. Students who lose eligibility in the Scholars program because they have not met the completion requirements in one year can regain eligibility for the Scholars Award by achieving the completion milestone for the succeeding year.

Renewal of the Frank O’Bannon Award at lower dollar amounts (full-time award) is provided to a student who has completed:

  1. At least twenty-four (24) credit hours by the end of the student’s first academic year;
  2. At least forty-eight (48) credit hours by the end of the student’s second academic year; or
  3. At least seventy-two (72) credit hours by the end of the student’s third academic year.

If a student takes a course for credit and earns a D- or higher, it counts as successfully completed, even if the student has to take it again for the class to count toward his or her degree.

Repeat courses will count toward a student’s completion requirement, but only one time.

Remedial credits will count toward the completion requirements with the following two conditions:

  1. The remedial credits must be earned during the student’s first academic year.
  2. Only twelve (12) remedial credits will be counted toward the credit completion requirements.

Notice of Financial Aid Credit Completion Requirements and FAFSA Application:
To be eligible for the Frank O’Bannon or 21st Century Scholar Award, students must complete the FAFSA by March 10 each year. This means the FAFSA must be received by the FAFSA central processing system no later than March 10. Moreover, students must correct any edits identified by the state division of student financial aid no later than May 15 of that year. Students are informed of these edits by e-mail at the e-mail address they provide in the FAFSA.

Free Course Guarantee:
HEA 1348-2013 contains a provision to provide at no cost to the student any course on a student’s map for which the student cannot enroll: because it is full, offered only at the same time as another mapped class, or is simply not offered. The guarantee applies to students who have complied with their degree maps. If a course is not available for a student, VU will provide a new map with acceptable course substitution for on-time completion in the student’s chosen major, or VU will provide the course free of charge to the student in the next available semester.

The “free course guarantee” applies to students who meet the following criteria:

  • The student has followed his or her degree map in each prior semester, meaning the student completed the prescribed courses or satisfied the prescribed electives in the semester they were mapped.
  • The student is unable to register for a course mapped for the current semester because it is not offered, offered only at the same time as another mapped course, or is full. NOTE: the course is considered full only if all sections of the course are full, not just the student’s preferred time slot. If an online version is available to the student, the course is considered available to that student even if he or she prefers a different modality. For general education requirements (UCC) with multiple options, all sections of eligible options must be full, not just the student’s preferred choice.
  • The student attempted to register for the course during the On-time Registration period: for current students, On-time Registration is scheduled for Weeks 10 and 11 of the preceding semester. For incoming students, START VU is scheduled for two weeks in June. NOTE: students who register LATE—following the On-Time registration period—do not have a free course guarantee.
  • The student has not received a revised degree map that maps the unavailable course in a future semester without altering the graduation date.
  • The student is within 150 percent of the standard time to complete the degree (two or four years).

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