associate degrees in education

associate degrees in education

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VU offers a variety of associate degree programs in several education programs that can be transferred to other institutions of higher education.  

Early Childhood Education (Preschool, A.S.)

Elementary Education (Grades K-6, A.S.)

Secondary Education including: 

  1. Art (Grades 7-12, A.A., A.S.)       
  2. Business (Grades 7-12, A.S.)      
  3. Chemistry  (Grades 9-12, A.S.)     
  4. English (Grades 9-12, A.S.)      
  5. Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 7-12, A.S.)  
  6. Health Promotions/Health Education (Grades 7-12, A.S.)    
  7. Mathematics (Grades 5-12, A.A., A. S.)    
  8. Technology (Grades 7-12, A.S.)     

Education, All Grade

  1. Art  (Grades K-12, A.A., A.S.)       
  2. Physical Education (Grades K-12,  A.S.)     
  3. Technology (Grades K-12, A.S.)