Cooperating Teacher Information

Cooperating Teacher Information


Cooperating Teacher Qualifications

  • 5 years of teaching experience 
  • Active teaching license in area of supervision
  • Preferred Master's Degree, but not required if highly recommended by supervisors

Cooperating Teacher Expectations

  • Complete Cooperating Teacher Data and Consent Form.
  • Plan for orientation of the student teacher into the classroom.
  • Introduce the student teacher to instructional materials and procedures.
  • Include the student teacher in planning lessons.
  • Observe and evaluate based on specified criteria.
  • Give constructive feedback to help improve teaching quality.
  • Communicate with the student teacher daily to inform of growth and needs.
  • Communicate with University supervisor when needed, including to address questions or concerns.
  • Complete performance reviews for students (twice for student teachers, once halfway, once at the end)