Current VU student resources

Current VU student resources


If you are enrolling in ANY of the courses listed below, please double check that you have met all the requirements to start!

EDUC 290 (offered fall and spring):

  • Background check through CastleBranch must be completed online. It does cost money, and it will take a few weeks to come in. Advise students to complete as soon as possible. This one can take up to 45 business days.
  • Placement requests must be submitted during the appointment. Have students check with the education coordinator directly following the appointment to ensure the request was received. 
  • CPS - Child Protective Services History Check must be completed with the Education Coordinator.

EDUC 360, 361, 393, 421, 422, 431, and 432:

  • Department of Child Services History Check must be less than 1 year old. Check with the education coordinator if it is unknown. 
  • Placement requests must be submitted during the appointment. 

Student Teaching

  • All student teaching requests should be made prior to advisor appointment. 
  • CPS History Check must be less than one year old
  • CastleBranch Background check must be less than three years old

Student Resources


B.S. Program Admittance Requirements

  • Maintain 3.0 GPA Overall
  • Completion of Education Courses listed with a C or better
    • EDUC 200
    • EDUC 218 or 242
    • EDUC 290 Initial Experiences in Education
    • EDU 291
    • EDU 292
  • Overall satisfactory Disposition Rating Scales provided by instructors of core Education courses
  • Completed Application for Admission to Program
  • Successful Interview with the Education Dept. Staff
  • Students must also agree to adhere to professional standards outlined in the student handbook, including professional dress, appropriate behavior, and all others.