Proctor Requirements

Proctor Requirements

Distance Education instructors may require that students secure a proctor to oversee the performance of certain assignments and examinations.  As soon as students receive their course materials, they should read the course syllabi and course schedule carefully to determine if and when proctors will be required.  Students should identify one of the VU staff options as an appropriate proctor, complete the proctor approval form and forward it to the instructor as soon as possible.  The proctor may not be related to the student, nor live at the same residence.

A webcam is required for virtual test proctoring for students not in the local area of Vincennes campus.



A proctor may be selected from the following categories:

  • PROCTORIO (Need to login to VUX to view.)

  • VU CAMPUS SITE STAFF (Library, Assessment Center, or Study Lab)


  • Active Military Personnel have the additional options: education officer, clergy, commanding officer two ranks above the student or a non-commissioned officer (E7 or above).

  • Public Libraries

  • Community Learning Centers

Once approved, the instructor will forward appropriate assignments or exams to the proctor for administering to the student. The proctor and student must follow assignment and exam instructions carefully to assure the integrity of the work.

Instructors have final approval of proctors for their course.

Students who reside in Knox County, Indiana (including students who live on the Vincennes campus) and are taking any online Math class are required to take their exams at the Testing Center in room 104 of Shake Learning Resource Center on the Main VU campus.  This is a Math Department rule.

The Testing Center phone number is: 812-888-5404. The center is usually open Monday – Friday from 9:00a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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