student identity verification

student identity verification

Vincennes University Distance Education take multiple steps to verify the identity of its online learners.  These steps encompass all areas of the academic process, including admission, registration, and course completion.


Students are required to submit a detailed application one of the following forms of picture ID to complete the admission process:

  • Current Driver’s License
  • Current State ID
  • Current Passport


At the time of admission, each student is assigned a University Student ID# and a University VUX student account.  The Student ID# and log in information for VUX is provided to the student’s University Preferred Email Address.  If a student has forgotten their Student ID# or their VUX log in information, they must contact the IT Service Desk at ITHELPDESK@VINU.EDU or 812-888-4332


Students who enroll with the Distance Education Office are required to submit a registration form each time they wish to enroll in courses.  On the registration form, the student is required to include their assigned University Student ID#, their date of birth, and a handwritten signature, along with other identifying information.


To maintain the integrity of online course work, students are assigned unique log in information (username and password) to access the University’s course delivery systems.  If the student has forgotten their assigned log in information, they must contact either the Distance Education Office, or the Center for Teaching and Learning via email at VUBLACKBOARD@VINU.EDU or 812-888-5750

Distance Education instructors may require that students secure a proctor to oversee the performance of certain assignments and examinations.  If a proctor is required for examinations, the student must select and individual from a list of approved University and non-University personnel.  The approved proctor will require the student to show a form of photo ID to verify student identity.

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