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University Resources

Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) offers inclusive services to promote retention, graduation, and transfer to four-year institutions through BLAZERS ACHIEVE and EXPERIENCE VU. Criteria for admission into this program is that a student be either first generation (neither parent graduated from a 4-year university), meet income guidelines, or have a documented physical or hidden disability (i.e., learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Student Support Services helps eligible students successfully complete their degrees and provides free, comprehensive services through professional and peer tutoring; academic, career and financial aid counseling; academic support groups; learning and testing accommodations; computers with assistive technology; mentoring; and workshops.

Please contact Blazers Achieve staff in room 412 of Davis Hall or by calling 812-888-4515, or the Experience VU staff in Davis Hall or by calling 812-888-4061, for information about qualifications or for an application for their respective programs.

Student Success Center

The STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER staff actively promote student success and selection of career pathways by providing additional advising to at-risk students, supporting academic advisors, promoting university-wide programming to help students be more self-aware, including the student success seminar series, Increasing student participation in campus life, contributing proactively to endeavors that support a positive learning community at VU, and supporting efforts for greater communication among all University stake-holders.

The Center is dedicated to improving Vincennes University student’s persistence and degree/certificate completion. All VU students are welcome to take advantage of opportunities offered by SSC, including students in the Summer Bridge program. The SSC’s primary focus is to serve those students who enter VU with the greatest risk of not completing: students who may be undecided about a career path or major and those who need significant remediation. For more information, call 812-888-4451.

Counseling Center

The mission of the Vincennes University COUNSELING CENTER is to facilitate the academic and personal success of Vincennes campus students by providing emotional counseling and psychotherapeutic services to VU students who are experiencing a personal problem that interferes with their ability to function in a college environment.

The Counseling Center provides confidential emotional counseling and consultation to all VU students. A variety of situations can arise that require assistance beyond the help friends and relatives can give. While some individuals seek assistance when they are in a state of crisis, it is certainly not necessary to have a serious problem in order to seek the assistance of a professional counselor. For more information, call 812-888-4374.

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