Please speak with your VU Early College staff about XMester fees for your school


The X-Mester cost for attendees enrolled as a partner with Vincennes University’s Early College High Schools will be up to $900, which will include tuition, room and board and an administrative fee. Each school district partner has its own agreement with families and students, which will also include the costs of books and transportation. Families are encouraged to be in contact with their school’s X-Mester representative.

The cost for in-state* attendees — including those enrolled as a partner with VU’s Project EXCEL — will be up to $900 — to include tuition, administration fees and room and board — PLUS the cost of books (from $30 to $125, depending on the course). Transportation to and from campus will be the responsibility of the families and students.

The cost for students from out-of-state high schools is $1,200, which remains less than half the average for similar non-credit programs (X-Mester is for credit). Forms of payment vary based on the school district policies. Credit-card payments are accepted for students from non-partner districts.

* ‘In-state’ school districts include those in the four neighboring counties in Illinois — Crawford, Richland, Lawrence and Wabash.

ired to be officially unenrolled from the Xmester program.  -->

refund deadlines

  • April 30, full refund (tuition and fees)
  • June 8, partial refund (tuition only)
  • No refund will be granted to students who fail to report to Xmester or fail to complete the Xmester program.
  • A drop form signed by an approved academic advisor is required to be officially unenrolled from the Xmester program.

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