nshs summer program registration

nshs summer program registration


Hello Freshmen & Sophomores!

The Vincennes Early College Program is offering a Summer Program designed for our early college high school sophomores and freshmen. The program will be held at North Side High School. We will offer fun, engaging activities to help you explore new interests and develop college & career readiness. You’ll be able to enjoy the excitement of guest speakers and enriching activities without the pressure of grades. 

You’ll hear from local community leaders and college admissions teams on topics to help prepare you for success in high school, college, and beyond. Most importantly, our program will help inspire you to dream big and to think creatively about your future.

Lunch will be provided

Seating is limited. Students will not receive high school or college credit for this 4-day program, and work will not be grade. Students who are not enrolled in the Vincennes University Early College Program can register for this summer program, but we encourage these students to contact Felisa Cockrell (Felisa.Cockrell@vinu.edu) for more information about the Early College Program.

Supplies Needed:

For daily physical activity, students will want to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Devices (laptops, etc.) are encouraged but not required.


North Side High School

Enter at Door 1

475 E State Blvd,

Fort Wayne, IN 46805

WHEN: Two 4-day sessions to choose from. Select Only One:*
Student Information
Parent/Guardian Information:
Transportation will NOT be provided. We are offering free Citilink bus passes to those who request them.
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Mailing Address:
Emergency Contact
Health Information
Parental Consent*
COVID Protocols*
Liability Waiver

In consideration of permission granted by Vincennes University allowing me to participate in the Vincennes University/Summer Program at North Side High School 2022 (the "Activity"), which will occur on selected dates between June 20 and July 14, 2022, which is sponsored by Vincennes University Early College Program, I (together with my parent or guardian, if I am under the age of eighteen (18) or under a legal disability) represent, covenant and agree, on behalf of myself and my heirs, assigns, and any other person claiming by, under or through me, as follows:

Liability Terms and Conditions*
Media Release*
Student Behavior Agreement:*
  1. To show respect to all members of the learning community and cooperate with fellow students, teachers, volunteer helpers and the Vincennes Early College staff and team. 
  2. To have good manners at all times. 
  3. To be polite and courteous with your actions and conversations with others (do not use bad language). Remember to treat everyone the way you like to be treated. 
  4. To listen and respond to directions given by adults the first time. 
  5. To behave respectfully, without arguing, and cooperate when a staff member gives direction or makes a request. I understand that I will be given an opportunity to voice my concerns at an appropriate time if I do not agree with the request. 
  6. To resolve conflicts peacefully, and avoid fighting inside or outside of the summer program. 
  7. To take responsibility for my personal belongings and respect the property of others. 
  8. To refrain from bringing weapons, illegal drugs, controlled substances, etc. to camp. 
  9. To share information with VU staff that might affect the health, safety, or welfare of the summer program community. 
  10. To keep parents/guardians informed about program-related matters and make sure I give them any information sent home. 
  11. To use program materials/equipment in a safe manner so they’re not damaged or lost. 
  12. To refrain from bullying of any kind and inform a teacher if anyone bullies me. 

I have read and understood the above information. I promise to follow these guidelines and be on my best behavior during summer camp.


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