Dr. David Cockerham Image

Dr. David Cockerham

Assistant Professor/Chair

Philosophy & Religious Studies



David M. Cockerham, Ph.D. was born in Vincennes.  After attending V.U., where he majored in English literature and philosophy, he graduated from St. Louis University with Bachelor’s degrees in both subjects.  He later obtained double Master’s degrees from Purdue University in English literature and philosophy and a Doctorate from Indiana University in religious studies.

Dr. Cockerham has been chairing the Philosophy Department since 2012.  His academic interests involve the study of the interplay between religion and politics in the U.S., American pragmatism, particularly John Dewey, philosophy of religion, the Buddhist-Christian dialogue, and Christian and secular theories of humanism, natural rights, and democratic virtues.  

His dissertation is titled “Toward a Common Democratic Faith: The Political Philosophies of John Dewey and Jacques Maritain.”