Elizabeth Carter headshot

Elizabeth Carter





Education and licensure/certifications

Bachelor of Science in Economics, Management and Communication Purdue University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Vincennes University

Master of Science in Nursing Education,Indiana University

Registered Nurse, State of Indiana

Teaching & Work Experience

  • Year Became a Nurse: 2005
  • Year Started Teaching Nursing: 2018 (at Vincennes University)
  • Specialty Areas: OB/L&D/NU and Ambulatory Surgery

My nursing experience has been in the hospital setting at Good Samaritan Hospital. Primarily, I have worked in Women's Health (OB/L&D/Nursery) and Ambulatory Surgery. While at the hospital, I was a part of the grief support team on both OB and Ambulatory Surgery. I still work as needed on ambulatory surgery and endoscopy when school is not in session.

As an instructor, I want to empower students to think critically and utilize evidence-based care as they work toward their nursing degree. I believe that my role is to act as a guide and facilitate active learning for all nursing students. The use of innovative teaching strategies such as interactive labs, simulations, and clinical are strategies employed to help nursing students grow and succeed as future nurses.

As nurses, we have the opportunity to create an impact in the lives of the patients we care for by using our knowledge, our voice and our caring to support them during the good and the bad moments. For me, sharing that critical knowledge with your patient, their family and support system to aid their transition from hospital to home is immensely rewarding.