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Dr. Ivana Peralta






I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Indiana State University in 2004, and then I went to the wonderful state of Texas to obtain a Master of Art in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Rice University in  2010 where I focused in biomedical synthetic research.


I am the sole instructor of Organic Chemistry I and II, Biochemistry and GOB; so most of my hours teaching are spent with sophomore students majoring in hard sciences, engineering and pre-professional careers. I also teach  Introductory Chemistry and General Chemistry I Lab.


I proudly advise our student majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pre-Clinical Laboratory, and Biomedical Engineering majors.  

Service to the University: 

I am currently representing Science, Engineering and Math as a VU Faculty Senator, and I am the chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee. I served as the Chemistry Department chair for five years; and, as such, I reviewed the Chemistry TSAP and CTL  agreements. I also organize the Lab Coat Graduation Ceremonies for our Chemical Sciences students. 

Chemistry Community Service: 

I am the American Chemical Society (ACS) Wabash Valley Section Chair, and, for this same section, the National Chemistry Week Coordinator and the Chemists Celebrate Earth Week Coordinator.  I have organized the ACS Program-in-a-Box, NCW activities, speaker series and tours. I also maintain our local section ACS website.

I'm a student too! :

Here at VU, I have taken four semesters of Japanese, Basic Conversational Chinese and Scientific and Decorative Glassblowing. 

I have traveled to Japan twice with the VU Explore Japan cultural experience, twice to China as visiting faculty and three times to US National Parks with the VU Biology club.