Matt Norman

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Matt Norman





I began teaching college English as a graduate student in 2008, and have loved teaching teaching ever since. I love teaching because it never gets boring; each class in each semester, and even each conversation within a class, is unique and special.  

I teach English composition courses of all levels, business and technical writing classes, and honors classes. I'm also the Director of the Honors Program and the faculty advisor for the Zeta Psi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. 

I still clearly remember coming to college and having no clue what a thesis statement was, how to format in MLA, or how to write a research paper. It was in my freshmen composition classes, following the process and stretching myself, that I realized I had a voice and could organize my thoughts in a way to make compelling arguments. Not even counting my job as an English professor, I've used those reading, writing, and thinking skills more than I ever would have guessed. I hope that students in any of my classes come out feeling similarly empowered and more confident in themselves.

When I'm not teaching, I'm studying, reading everything from great literature to comics (Spider-Man is the best), listening to so many different Podcasts, catching up on shows I should have been watching all along (is Doctor Who any good?), and just having a blast with my wife and two boys.