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Micah Morgan






Education and licensure/certifications

Associate of Science in Nursing, Vincennes University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Southern Indiana

Master of Science in Nursing (Community Health Nursing), Indiana State University

Doctor of Nursing Practice (Organizational and Systems Leadership), University of Southern Indiana Registered Nurse, State of Indiana

Certified Nurse Educator 2020

Teaching & Work Experience

  • Year Became a Nurse: 1995
  • Year Started Teaching Nursing: January 2002
  • Year Started Teaching at VU: August 2002
  • Specialty Areas: in RN-BSN: Research, Capstone

Served as Nursing Administrator of the VU Nursing Department from 2016-2018.

Served as Chair of the VU RN-BSN Program from 2015-2018

Taught in the VU ASN Program from 2002-2013:  Psychosocial Nursing, Fundamentals, and Med-Surg.

Dr. Morgan believes education provides people with opportunities for change within a personal, professional, and societal context.

Clinical experience includes three years as a case manager at Hamilton Center Child and Adolescent Services, and two years as a staff nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Dr. Morgan finds that the best part of being a nurse is giving others hope.