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Toni Eagleson





B.S. Chemistry - Indiana University, Bloomington

Classes:  Toni teaches the following introductory chemistry labs:  Chem 100L for non-science majors, Chem 103L for science students who have not had a year of high school chemistry, and Chem 120L Chemistry of Hazardous Materials for non-science majors.

She is working with others in the Chemistry Department to develop an integrated set of laboratory experiments and update the manual for the introduction to general chemistry course (CHEM 103L) and the general chemistry course (CHEM 105L).

Activities:  Toni is involved with Chemistry Club, pinning ceremonies, white lab coat ceremonies, high school lab days, Science Fridays, and Updike Hall's Safety Committee which she is currently serving as chair.  Toni supervises various science camps held in the summer, including OPTIONS Camp and Vectren Camp.

Outreach:  As a member of the College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics' Scholarship Committee and current chair, Toni interacts with students by helping them apply for scholarships and determining which students are selected for which scholarships.  She is responsible for training and guiding two to three stock room student workers every year.  Toni is a member of Tri Kappa, a state-wide philanthropic organization that donates money for Vincennes University scholarships.  She serves on Tri Kappa's scholarship committee and is a co-chair of a project that raises money to fund the scholarship.