Supplier Selection

The University considers its vendors to be valuable assets. It attempts to administer buying practices to enable all worthwhile suppliers to be considered and dealt with ethically. The appropriate ones will be awarded shares of the University's business on the basis of competitive prices, services rendered, and ultimate long-range benefit to the University.

Potential vendors are selected by the Purchasing Department based on their ability to serve the needs of the University in the most efficient and economical manner possible on a continuing basis. Past performances of vendors and cooperation with the University are important factors in vendor selection. It is virtually impossible for the University to purchase efficiently from all available sources for the thousands of items requested. Therefore, the buying power of the University must be concentrated as much as possible with selected vendors to attain the maximum advantage of price and service.

All departments are encouraged to suggest sources of supply with complete addresses and phone numbers. Authority for the final selection of the vendor, however, remains with the Purchasing Department, which is charged with the overall responsibility for developing and contracting with the best sources of supply for the University. Please note that the Purchasing Department will follow each department's recommendations as much as possible.

All computer hardware, accessories and software will be forwarded to the MIC (Management Information Center) for approval and price verification.