dr. aaron bruck, ph.d.

dr. aaron bruck, ph.d.

Aaron Bruck


Science Education
Secondary Education




Dr. Aaron Bruck is an alumnus of Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA where he earned my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He earned his Ph.D from Purdue University in Chemistry/Chemistry Education. He handles the primary advising duties for the Secondary Science Education Bachelor's Degree program and is a resource for students seeking admissions into Pharmacy School.

Bruck is a member of the American Chemical Society and has participated in local ACS events such as Program-in-a-box.

On campus, he works with students in doing Fun Friday Science Days, High School Lab Days, pinning ceremonies for current students after completing their first year in the program, and white coat ceremonies for students who complete their chemistry associate's degrees. His research is mostly action research on classroom practices. He helped to co-write a study on resource usage in General Chemistry I that was published in the Journal of College Science Teaching.

Bruck has also been active in adapting laboratory practices to research-based objectives, working on developing experimentation and notebooking in online and cloud-based platforms and developing a lecture format in general chemistry that fuses active learning techniques into an integrated lecture format that students are most familiar with.