Vincennes University Seal

Vincennes University Seal



THE USE OF THE VU SEAL IS RESTRICTED to formal, official documents, diplomas, letters of acceptance and communications from the Board of Trustees and the University President.

View the full VU style guide HERE.

Users of the Seal are directed to adhere to the VU.Print. Identity.Manual standards. The end use of the VU Seal will determine the best format for the project. Please see the information provided to determine which file format works best for your project.

VU colored seal




VECTOR FILES — are for print applications. The vector logo file formats allow the seal to be resized with no loss of resolution and it does NOT assign a white background behind the logo. Vector logo files end in extensions like EPS, PDF, and AI. VU black and white seal

Blue and white seal


RASTER FILES — are for digital applications. Raster files are relatively small — which allow for quicker upload. Raster files can be reduced in size, but cannot be enlarged without loss of resolution. Raster files are labeled with extensions like WhiteSealReversed.eps JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIF.