Surveying Information


William Clark, RLS
Associate Professor of Surveying
Program Coordinator of Surveying Technology
(812) 888-5865

Educational attainment:
A.S., Vincennes University, 1981
Registered Land Surveyor (Indiana), 1990, (Illinois), 1999

Austin Yake, RLS
Instructor of Surveying
(812) 888-4185

Educational attainment:
A.S., Vincennes University, 2002
Registered Land Surveyor (Indiana), 2009

The surveying faculty would like to extend an invitation to you to visit Vincennes University to learn more about the campus and the surveying program. If you have questions about the program, you may contact us by mail, e-mail, or by phone.


The focus of Vincennes University's two-year Surveying Program is to help you succeed. In doing so, the department's Equipment Room features the latest in total station technology as well as historic instruments such as transits and dumpy levels. Instruction begins with "throw" chains, transits and dumpy level and advances to the newest technology available.

The mission of the Surveying Technology Department at VU is to fulfill its students and graduates with "the passion to be successful in the profession of surveying,to be part of the team that gets the job done with the highest quality possible and with the most efficient methods available".


The VU Surveying Technology equipment room is well equipped with the latest technology. This technology includes Leica, Trimble, and Topcon Total Stations along with Trimble and Ashtech GPS units.

Students receive advanced training in computer-aided drafting using the latest versions of AutoCAD and Carlson Software.   Along with the total stations there are enough accessories to outfit fourteen 2-man crews. Although VU has the newest technology, every Freshmen class begins with "throw" chains, transits and dumpy levels. The objective of the program is to provide the Surveying profession with an educated employee who is profitable to that company DAY ONE. As a result, graduates are provided many employment opportunities at a higher than average salary and at a location of their choice.

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