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Payment Plans


Vincennes University offers payment plans that allow students or authorized payers to divide tuition, fees, and contracted residence housing in monthly, interest-free installments.

Payment plans are available for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. A $30.00 non-refundable set up fee will be due at enrollment into a payment plan. Terms available for the plan will be provided at the time of enrollment.

Once you're enrolled in a payment plan, all installment payments must be made online through the VUX portal.

Fall semester:

  • Enrollment opens in July.
  • All installments are due on the 20th of each month
  • Four Payments Plan: August, September, October, November
  • Five Payments Plan: July, August, September, October, November

Spring semester:

  • Enrollment opens in December.
  • All installments are due on the 20th of each month.
  • Four Payments Plan: January, February, March, April
  • Five Payments Plan: December, January, February, March, April

Summer semester:

  • Enrollment opens in April
  • 1/2 of total charges due June 10th
  • Final Payment due July 10th

*Late enrollment in a payment plan may affect the number of remaining installment payments.
*Plans do not roll forward and you must enroll in a new plan each semester.

Payment Plans allow you to pay your tuition and fees over time, in smaller, monthly installments.

  • Avoid the high-interest rates that come with a traditional loan, with just one low fee at the time of enrollment.
  • Set up a plan to cover your entire bill, or just the balance left after financial aid
  • Invite a parent or relative to contribute to your plan
  • Simple enrollment process, right within our student portal
  • Convenient electronic payments – just set it and forget it!
  • 24/7 online account access to review payments and balances

To learn more about the benefits of using a payment plan, watch our short video (opens in new tab).

Ready to enroll?

  1. Log into the VUX account
  2. Locate the "Statement & Billing section under the Student Account card.
  3. Click on "Make a Payment/View your Bill.

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