Work Study

Work Study


Work-study is a federal program and is awarded based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA EFC and other resources a student has. A student must also be enrolled in at least six credit hours to qualify. Work-study pays minimum wage for university jobs, and a student is allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the academic year, depending on the student's eligibility. Some work-study positions could be served through off-campus community service. Inquire in the Center for Career & Employer Relations for off-campus information.

Federal Work-Study allows the student to work with a flexible schedule and receive a bi-weekly paycheck from the university. It is not automatically applied toward tuition and fees.  If you were not awarded work-study and are interested in work-study, contact the student financial services office to see if you are eligible.

VU Career Center hosts several career fairs during the school year.  Each fall and spring semester, a Part-time Job Fair is held on campus for all students to attend.  The Job Fairs can connect all students, including work-study eligible students, to VU offices offering work-study positions as well as local employers offering part-time positions.  To be notified by email of upcoming Job Fairs and other great employment opportunities, be sure to register on the Blazer Careerlink.

Since VU receives different amounts of federal funds to pay students for work-study jobs, we can't promise that every student who wants work-study can get it.  The university reserves the right to cancel, adjust, or terminate work study employment based on availability of funds, changes in your financial aid award package, or unsatisfactory performance in the position the student accepts.

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