1. Click APPLY FOR HOUSING.  You must have your VU login credentials to access the contract. Read the Terms and Conditions. This document will outline deposits, cancellations, conduct and many areas important to your housing contract. You can not proceed until you have read the Terms and Conditions and agreed to the contents.
  2. Once you have read the Terms and Conditions please proceed filling out the contract. You must pay your deposit in full to complete the contract. You must complete the contract and pay your deposit to be assigned a residence hall room.

Additional Information:

  • All changes must be submitted in writing (HOUSING@VINU.EDU) to the Housing Office by July 1st for consideration. Requests for changes are not guaranteed.
  • Room assignments  (for the upcoming Fall semester) will be available in mid-July. 
  • Students are assigned based upon date of payment of the damage deposit and prepayments.
  • Roommate requests must be mutual. All individuals must supply their roommates name and information.
  • For suites in Clark and Vanderburgh where 2 double rooms exist and 4 individuals share the suite/bathroom you may submit roommate requests for the entire suite. Please email the Housing Office with this information. Assignments are based upon availability and date contract is submitted and deposit is paid.
  • Roommate requests are not guaranteed. Roommate requests received after July 1st may not be considered.
  • Students requesting a single room will be required to pay a $400.00 prepayment in addition to the $150 damage deposit at the time of filing their contract. Single rooms are an additional fee per semester over the student’s Room and Board charges.
  • Again, single rooms are assigned based upon date of payment of deposits/prepayments and availability.
  • Vincennes University has partnered with ROOMSURF a roommate matching service to assist students finding a roommate. This service is only available to Vincennes University students.
  • Student must visit ROOMSURF to login using Facebook credential. (Note: A basic Facebook profile is required to access this service)
  • Students must then use the following passkey to access roomsurf. This passkey is case sensitive.
    • PASSKEY: VUTrailblazer1801

Ready to Begin?