Civic Engagement at Vincennes University

Civic Engagement at Vincennes University

What is Civic Engagement?

At Vincennes University (VU), we define civic engagement as activities where our students, faculty, or staff provide services to the non-campus community or where VU sponsors civic engagement activities for either the campus community or the non-campus community. These activities foster a sense of responsibility, community spirit, and active citizenship. Civic engagement at VU can be broadly categorized into three main types:

Categories of Civic Engagement

1. Academic Requirement

Academic requirements involve formal placements in off-campus environments that are integral to a student’s educational program. These experiences are evaluated for their impact on both the student and the community. Examples include:

  • Internships with Businesses or Industry: Students gain practical experience and provide valuable services to local businesses.
  • Student Teaching: Aspiring teachers work in local schools, enhancing educational outcomes.
  • Clinical Placements: Health-related placements where students support community health services.

2. Co-Curricular Experiences

Co-curricular experiences are University-organized and sanctioned events that involve students working within the community. These activities may be assessed for their impact. Examples include:

  • Pet Port Food Drive: Students collect and distribute food for local animal shelters.
  • Community Clean-Up: Organized by various University programs, students participate in efforts to beautify the community.
  • Blood Drives: Students coordinate and participate in blood donation events.

These activities are often initiated by University programs like Housing or Multi-Cultural Affairs, or by student-led organizations and clubs.

3. Other Civic Engagement Experiences

These experiences are University-sponsored and involve University personnel, and sometimes students, engaging with either the campus or non-campus community. These activities are generally not assessed but significantly contribute to the community’s well-being. Examples include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Activities: Programs and events that promote understanding and inclusiveness within the community.
  • Speaker Series: Events open to the public that bring in expert speakers on various topics.
  • Community Support Programs: Initiatives like Meals on Wheels, Sandy's Pantry, and Toys for Tots, where University members volunteer to support local needs.

Get Involved

Civic engagement at Vincennes University is an essential part of our commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive community. By participating in these activities, students and faculty not only enrich their own lives but also make meaningful contributions to the broader community. Join us in our efforts to make a difference both on and off-campus.