On Tat Andy Leung

current vincennes student

"Vincennes University is definitely a place that international students should consider because it gives you other types of experiences that you will never have at other universities. VU is located in a small town, which provides a quiet environment for me to focus on my studies. English and math are very important when you go to a university and VU has a lot of resources to help students improve their academic abilities. My experience at VU has been amazing. All instructors and staff are very nice, helpful, and patient. I also have a good time with them and it makes VU just feel like a big family!" - On Tat Andy Leung

Natalie Leung

current vincennes student

"Hi, I’m Natalie Leung! I chose Vincennes University because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and gain different culture experience in life. At first  I expected to just focus on my studies and then transfer to another institution to complete my bachelor’s degree. That is still my plan, but I am really  enjoying Vincennes University. I enjoy working with the faculty and staff because they are really nice and friendly. I also like living in the campus  residence hall because I can meet a lot of new friends and it helps reduce my homesickness. I am also able to experience the cultural differences  because my roommate is an American student and I learn a lot from living with her.  New international students should enjoy their first year at VU by  exploring the area, participating in social groups, and making new friends." - Natalie Leung

Stella So

current Vincennes student

"Hello, I’m Stella So! As a computer Science major, I have discovered that there are many resources at Vincennes University to help with my studies. For  example, there is a Math and Science resource center. If I need help, I can go in without making an appointment. I also really like the class sizes at VU! I  love studying on a classroom rather than a large theatre. This gives me a chance to make more friends and have closer relationships with my professors  and classmates. When I first came to Vincennes University I thought I would study a lot in my dorm room and that it would be hard to make friends with  U.S. students. I was also not familiar with the school or the teachers. Luckily, the faculty and staff are very kind, friendly, and helpful. My advisor gave me  lots of tips and academic resources and choosing certain classes. Vincennes University was the right place for me!" - Stella So


"VU has always held a special place in my heart. It was a college where professors do care about students. For foreign students like me, it was a home away from home. I was glad that I went to VU for the first two years of college. It was a place where I built up my foundation as a person and a scientist. I had many good memories during my time at VU. I made friends who I still keep in touch with."  - Norman

Lap Fan Ku (Levin)

"Hi! I’m Lap Fan Ku (Levin). I came to Vincennes University because they provide good associates programs. I wanted to complete two years at VU while adapting to the U.S. style culture and then graduate from another institution with my bachelor’s degree. VU is certainly a place worth going to. Since the class size is small, I know the professors well and they know me. I have had a great experience working with staff and faculty here at VU because the professors are willing to help me achieve my academic goals. I have experienced a lot, which cannot be learned back home. Studying at VU will definitely be an unforgettable memory to me."  - Lap Fan Ku (Levin)

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