Tuition and Costs

Vincennes University is solely a teaching institution and receives support from both the federal and state governments. This allows us to provide a quality education at a fraction of the cost of most private or research institutions. While we all know that college tuition is expensive, there is one GREAT reason to start at VU first!  Many students who start and finish a 2-year Associate's Degree at VU first, and then transfer to a 4-year college to finish their Bachelor's Degree, can save more than $20,000 in tuition!

College Classes

If you pass the English placement test, or have submitted sufficient proof of English proficiency, you will start Vincennes University taking college courses. All international students are required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester to satisfy immigration requirements. In many cases, students often take 15 credit hours per semester. 

ESL Classes

If you have not submitted sufficient TOEFL scores or if you are not considered English proficient; you will be required to take ESL classes for at least one semester. The ESL program requires 16 credit hours per semester.  *Tuition rates are the same per credit hour.

1 Semester
(15 credits)

1 Year
(30 credits)

Tuition & Fees1-3 $532.84 per credit hour

$8,145 $16,290

Room & Board5

$6,354 $12,706


$666 $1,332

Health Insurance7

$500 $1,000

Activity Fees

$152 $304

Living Expenses

$660 $1,320
Total Estimate 8 : $16,477 $32,952

1. Assumes 15 credit hours per semester.
2. Tech fee is $3.66/credit hour and Capital Movement Fee is $3.56/credit hour.
3. Some classes have additional lab fees and vary according to program.  

5. Room & Board based on C-19 Meal Plan 3 meals daily, Monday - Friday with brunch and dinner on weekend in Godare, Harrison, Morris, and Vigo Halls Semester Year.
6. Text book expenses are not included in the school bill - this must be paid separate.
7. Health insurance is an out-of-pocket expense as it is not included in the school bill. Insurance is required at all times while in the U.S.
8. This Estimate does not include transportation costs.

Payment Methods:

Option 1: Pay entire school bill in full, due during the first week of classes.
Option 2: Make 3 equal payments over 8 weeks:

  • *There is a $30.00 payment plan fee per semester.

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