Before Leaving Home

  • Make two sets of copies of important documents such as your passport, visa, insurance card, etc. Leave one set at home with a trusted person and put the other set in your luggage.
  • Fill any necessary prescriptions.
  • Reconfirm airline flight at least 48 hours in advance and check baggage weight limits.
  • Notify the Office of International Student Affairs of your travel plans. To request assistance with transportation from the airport to campus or to arrange temporary accommodations, please email intstudent@vinu.edu. 
  • Open a credit card account at your home bank and make sure that your credit card will be accepted in the US.
  • Pay your tuition fees for the first semester if you can.

What you will need to bring

  • A valid passport
  • Documents (Be sure to keep these in your carry-on luggage)
  • Your Student Visa, I-94 Card, and Form I-20
  • Your letter of admission to VU
  • Certified copies of your academic qualifications (usually transcripts), English proficiency, and previous course information if your are transferring credits
  • Supporting financial documents
  • Form of identification such as driver’s license, certified copies of your birth certificate, or ID card
  • Emergency Contact information including the Office of International Student Affairs at 812-888-4156

Additional Items

  • Optical and medical prescriptions
  • Immunization records with an English translation.
  • Enough clothes for two days in your carry-on luggage
  • Clothing and personal items
  • Bed sheets and pillowcases if living on-campus (or purchase on arrival)
  • Money and financial arrangements

Bring enough funds to cover initial expenses, such as accommodation (rent, utilities, and furnishings), study materials, personal effects, food, and transport. You will probably need at least $200 in cash if you need to take a taxi or make a phone call, or buy food at the airport. If you have foreign currency, you can find currency exchanges at the airport but not in Vincennes.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are readily available and accept major international credit cards

We suggest you open an account at either the on-campus bank or at a bank close to your accommodation after you arrive. International credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express, are accepted in the USA but it can take up to two weeks to clear an overseas bank draft

Ready to Begin?