Geographic laws affect the destiny of a nation more than any other factor.  As countries become more dependent on

each other, it becomes more important to understand how and where people live, and why a few strong nations have come to dominate the affairs of the world.


As a geography major at Vincennes University, you will come to understand how geographic facts and principles have worldwide application and significance.  You will learn why one country is dependent on another for food, why the U.S. is dependent on the Middle East for energy, and why a country like Ireland has palm trees and beaches.


An education that combines the knowledge of world geography with good basic skills will prepare you for completion of the baccalaureate degree.  There are several advantages to starting at VU:

  • Small class sizes, usually 15-35 students, allows opportunity to get to know your professors and for your professors to get to know you.
  • Free tutoring is available through the University’s Study Skills Laboratory.
  • Individualized attention will help you make the adjustment to college and build a solid foundation to academic success at the upper level.

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