Networking and Security Specialist - IT Support Specialist Concentration, A.S.C.T.

Networking and Security Specialist - IT Support Specialist Concentration, A.S.C.T.



Available on the Vincennes campus

The Computer Repair Technician program at Vincennes University prepares you for employment in the computer maintenance field. In the Computer Repair Technician program, you can expect to work on a wide range of hardware and software.  The courses will give you skills, knowledge and experience with the installation and repair of:

  • Desktop Computer Systems
  • Laptop Computers
  • Local Area Networks
  • Video Displays
  • Multimedia Hardware
  • Laser, Inkjet and Impact Printers
  • Hardware such as:  CD-ROMs, Hard Drives, Video Cards, Sound Cards, Motherboards, Power Supplies, and virtually every other component commonly found in a PC.
  • Windows Operating Systems from Windows 98 to Vista
  • Linux
  • Novell Netware
  • Application Software

In addition to computer and networking skills, you will gain the electronics skills to work in most electronic repair fields as well.  This versatility allows graduates from the Computer Repair Technician to become valuable employees in a wider range of possible careers.

Hands-on experience is very important in learning your future trade.  In the Computer Repair Technician program, we provide as much time working on actual computer equipment as possible.  When you have worked with hardware and software in class, you have that confidence to carry with you to the job after graduation.

Certifications are very important in the Information Technology field- sometimes meaning the difference between getting the job, the promotion, and certainly the pay that you want.  As a Computer Repair student you will have the opportunity to earn the following, nationally recognized, certifications: 



Past graduates have been employed as computer repair technicians, help desk technicians, factory field representatives, component level technicians, technical computer assistants, and in computer sales. Job advancements can come rapidly for those who have the combination of hands on experiences, education, and certifications that are available to students in the Computer Repair Technician program.  The Computer Repair Technician program will help prepare you to succeed on the job and in your career.




2 Years


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