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Social workers care about other people and want to help them make their lives better. They work in schools to help make sure students have all they need to succeed. Social workers work in hospitals to assist patients in getting the assistance they will need once they are discharged. Mental health social workers provide individual and group counseling to those with interpersonal problems. Social Workers also work with those who have addiction problems and assist them in their recovery. There is a wide variety of career possibilities that are available to social workers.

Why Vincennes University?

The Social Work Program at Vincennes University is designed to transfer to Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  Vincennes University is the only public university in the State of Indiana to offer an Associates of Science in Social Work.  Graduates of VU go on to complete their Bachelor and Master's Degrees in Social Work and are employed in a variety of fields.

In addition to the coursework, social work students are involved in community placements. This allows students to have field experience in local social service agencies, working with social workers in a variety of situations.

The Social Work Club at Vincennes University was established to give students the opportunity to give back to the community through service projects. Students also have a chance to network with each other and meet professional social workers to help with their future job search.

The faculty at Vincennes University have earned at least a Master of Social Work degree and completed the State of Indiana Licensed Clinical Social Worker examination. These professors are dedicated to making sure all students understand the field of social work and provide many opportunities to work in area agencies through field placements.

What students say about VU:

The VU social work program taught me that social workers not only build relationships with people, but provide guidance as listeners, advisers or advocates. The VU social work program was the building block in teaching me how to better assist communities, children, families and teens, by helping people solve problems.

Christy Thornton, Class of 2012

The education that I received at VU, in general, and the Social Work program, in particular, laid a wonderful foundation for both my academic and professional careers. I have received degrees from 3 different universities, but the time spent at VU in the Social Work program continues to be what I look back with the most fondness on. 

Rick Thompson, VU Class of 1989, BSW IU 1992

Vincennes University social work program gives future social workers the opportunity to come together with others to develop ways to make society a better place for everyone.

Shameka Rawls, Class of 2012

What makes VU different is the fact that your advisors and professors really care about your personal success. at VU you are treated like a valuable person, not just another student in a classroom. Also the staff at VU is very knowledgeable about what classes you need that will transfer to the social work program at whatever school you are transferring to, so you don't waste time taking classes that you can't use like at some bigger schools.

Valerie Brossman-Reed, Class of 2012






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