transfer policies

transfer policies

Transferring Credit from Another Institution to VU

To have credits transferred from other schools, you'll need to request an official transcript from that institution be sent directly to Vincennes University's Vincennes campus at the address listed below. Student copies or transcripts submitted by the student cannot be accepted, as these are considered unofficial. A transcript must be sent from each school you have attended.

Please have each institution mail the transcript to:
Vincennes University
Registrar's Office
1002 North First Street, WAB-01
Vincennes, IN 47591

Transcripts sent by electronic delivery should be sent to:


Vincennes University will evaluate each transcript on an individual basis. The Academic Dean and Registrar reserve the right to accept or reject credit from other institutions.

From VU to Another Institution

Transcripts can be ordered in one of two ways: traditional mail delivery (free) or electronic delivery ($5). For more information on requesting a VU transcript, visit the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE page.

Transferability Statement

The transferability of credits earned at Vincennes University is at the discretion of the receiving college, university, or other educational institution. Students considering transferring to any institution should not assume that credits earned in any program of study at Vincennes University will be accepted by the receiving institution. Similarly, the ability of a degree, certificate, diploma, or other academic credential earned at Vincennes University to satisfy an admission requirement of another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Accreditation does not guarantee credentials or credits earned at Vincennes University will be accepted by or transferred to another institution. To minimize the risk of having to repeat coursework, students should contact the receiving institution in advance for evaluation and determination of transferability of credits and/or acceptability of degrees, diplomas, or certificates earned.

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