$1 million Chu Housing Scholarships to benefit VU students

$1 million Chu Housing Scholarships to benefit VU students

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February 08, 2018

February 8, 2018 /  $1 million Chu Housing Scholarships to benefit VU students

VINCENNES, Ind. - Vincennes University students will soon find college more affordable, thanks to a new housing scholarship sponsored by David Chu, chair of the C.W. Chu Foundation, who has donated $1.1 million to VU.

“The David Chu Housing Scholarship will help many students, particularly since it addresses a cost not included in many financial aid packages. The Chu Scholarships will help bridge this gap, opening new opportunities to pursue college degrees, reducing the total cost of attendance as well as student loan debt. Another motivation for providing scholarships to help with housing costs is to encourage students to take advantage of the full college experience offered by Vincennes University. For all of these reasons we are tremendously grateful to David Chu for his generous support,” said VU President Chuck Johnson.

U.S. students will benefit from $1 million of the donation. The additional $100,000 will support VU’s efforts to establish and enhance relationships with schools and colleges in China, toward the goal of increasing Chinese student enrollment and enhancing international exchange between VU and Chinese students and faculty.

Numerous studies have documented the positive impacts on-campus living has on student success. According to Brent Magruder, associate director of VU Admissions, students appreciate housing scholarships because it covers what can be an overlooked cost. “These housing scholarships not only bridge some or all of the cost of living on campus, but they also enable students to benefit from fully participating in the diversity of campus life.”

Students who have received housing scholarships also cite the many advantages of living on campus. Justin Wagler, a civil engineering major, is among the VU students who currently benefit from a housing scholarship. “The scholarship has taken a lot of pressure off of me, not having to worry about housing, and it allows me to focus on my education that much more," Wagler said.

Victor Oetjen of Marshall, Ill., has also benefitted from receiving a housing scholarship. Oetjen said, “I can be more involved with events and organizations on campus. VU does a really great job of providing activities for students outside of the academic areas."

Beginning in the mid-1960s and continuing into the 1980s, the C.W. Chu Foundation of Hong Kong provided scholarships for more than 700 Hong Kong students to study in the U.S. Many of these students began their undergraduate studies at VU and went on to complete advanced degrees at institutions such as Purdue, MIT, and Stanford, and then going on to become prominent community members.

In recognition of this history, David Chu and the C.W. Chu Foundation received a VU Legacy Award from VU in November 2015. The award recognized the Foundation for its longtime support for VU students.

More recently, in October 2017, many successful Chu Foundation Scholar alumni attended a reunion at the VU campus which included the awarding of an honorary doctorate in education to David Chu for his personal efforts to support education in China and the U.S., along with the dedication of the C.W. Chu Pavilion in Updike Hall. The Chu Pavilion features an exhibition of 44 beautiful artifacts, including rare works dating back to the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127). Ranging from statuettes to vases, jars, cups, bowls, and dishes, the collection represents a long span of Chinese history through the Qing dynasty Guangxu reign (1875-1908). Johnson Wong, VU ’79, attended VU thanks to the support of C.W. Chu.

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