Adrianne Nyberg is Blazing Her Trail as a College Student and Business Owner

Photo of Adrianne Nyberg

November 01, 2022


By University Relations Student Journalist Olivia Tucker

Adrianne Nyberg, ‘23, a Business Management major at VU Jasper, had a wild dream of creating a place that offers her community a way to make memories and develop close bonds with lively activities that allow families to experience fun through actions and movement. 

Her extraordinary idea gained momentum through a business course taught by VU faculty member Thomas King. The course gave her the knowledge and tools to open Jumping Jasper LLC, a children’s entertainment center in Jasper, Indiana, where kids and kids at heart frolic in bounce houses and enjoy the arcade while making memories that last a lifetime.

Nyberg working with her husband on a construction project at her business.
Nyberg working with her husband
on a construction project at her business

Nyberg chose to pursue a business management degree after being a stay-at-home mom for eight years. VU Jasper was her No. 1 choice due to her busy schedule. The University has helped her accomplish her dream and gain hands-on experience while learning the tools of owning a business.

She is the perfect example of a Trailblazer, challenging herself while pursuing her goals at the same time she is a student. Nyberg was named to the dean’s list three times while excelling at making her dream a reality. She continues to blaze her trail and will graduate from VU Jasper in May 2023. 

Share a little about yourself and your background before you became a VU student:

“I moved around the country with my military husband and landed in Jasper in 2019. I have two children, a 10-year-old and a 6-year-old.”

Why did you choose VU?

“VU was a great option for a busy mom like myself who wanted to open a business. The classes allowed me flexibility while adding so much information to my toolbelt.”

What do you want to do for a career?

“I own Jumping Jasper LLC, and I want to continue to expand in the entertainment business!”

What are your dreams and goals?

“My dream is to set good examples for my children to prove to them that with hard work and determination, anyone can accomplish success. I also hope to build a community that supports "Verb" for all ages as well as creating memories while doing so.”

What has been your most significant experience at VU?

“The Creating a Small Business class. The entire class as a whole was my aha moment! That my family could accomplish something so neat and add on from the base building blocks VU offered me”

What are your plans after VU?

“Continue to grow and build generational wealth for my kids.”

Has a particular faculty member or other VU or VUJ staff member made a positive impact on you?

“Alli Tempel for her immense support every single week that I saw her in the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Center for my morning coffee. Angie Allen for pushing me to get my degree and keeping it always light-hearted. Lisa Hempfling for her endless business knowledge and networking. Dr. David Cockerham for our in-depth Ethics conversations. Each one of them has made a powerful impact on my life in and out of the business industry. I can say they have all made me a better person.”

What makes you a Trailblazer?

“I had a wild dream. I faced Covid. I fought tooth and nail through classes with a child in e-learning along with me, and built a beautiful future with my husband for my family. That determination and drive is what makes me a Trailblazer.”