Introducing VU Student Trustee and Man About Campus Dustan Jones

Introducing VU Student Trustee and Man About Campus Dustan Jones

 Jones standing in front of Green Activities Center on Vincennes Campus

October 13, 2021

VINCENNES, Ind. – It seems like Dustan Jones is everywhere on the Vincennes University Campus.

As a Pre-Veterinary major, he spends a lot of time in Updike Hall Center for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. You may find the Mount Carmel, Illinois native in Jefferson Student Union welcoming new students to campus as a student ambassador or lending a hand at special Parent/Family Weekend events or working in the Student Activities Office. Jones serves as President of the Campus Activities Board. He is also a Chemistry tutor.

Jones stepped into a new role when he was sworn in as a Student Trustee. Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb appointed Jones to the VU Board of Trustees.

"Dustan is very deserving of this position, and I know he will do everything he can to make his time as student trustee count," Director of Student Activities Annie Garner said. "He will make an amazing student trustee, and I have all the confidence in the world that he will make Vincennes University proud."

As a student trustee, he is the official representative of VU’s student body.

"Working in the Student Activities Department has been significant in the sense that I have gotten to know the student body very well," Jones said. "With all the events and organizations that I am involved with, I have a lot of different students that I talk to. It is very diverse. It’s not one specific major or one specific college. I interact with all of them."

Jones participated in his first Board meeting on Oct. 4. He was welcomed heartily aboard by Board Chairman John Stachura, VU President Dr. Chuck Johnson, and the other trustees.

"A student trustee is a full member of the Vincennes University Board of Trustees and serves as an invaluable bridge between the student body and the Board," Stachura said. "Serving as a trustee is a purposeful opportunity for a student to help make Vincennes University and the communities it serves better. Their input is important and greatly appreciated since they provide a student’s perspective. I am not on campus as a student, nor are the other trustees. We need someone who is providing a voice for the students."

Garner describes Jones as a person who leaves a lasting impression.

Jones, center, and other student ambassadors at the Student Recreation Center

Jones, center, and other student ambassadors at the Student Recreation Center

"Dustan loves campus events and getting to know all of his fellow VU students," Garner said. "He commutes 45 minutes every day, including an hour time change, to VU, and that doesn't hinder his involvement at all. One of the greatest attributes about Dustan is his outgoing personality and his genuine interactions with the people he comes into contact with. He is one of the most charismatic people I've ever met. He is extremely hard-working, has a very positive attitude, and he always goes above and beyond to help those around him."

He also has a deep passion for helping animals, which spurred his interest in studying veterinary medicine. According to Jones, he lives in the country and has had lots of pets.

"I was always next to nature, and I always figured I’d either be a wildlife biologist or a veterinarian. I shadowed at the Vincennes Veterinary Clinic, and that strengthened why I want to be a vet," Jones said.

Jones plans to graduate in May 2022 and transfer to the University of Illinois, which is home to one of the best veterinary schools in the nation.

For information on the Board of Trustees, see Board agendas and minutes.