New VU festival showcases students’ artistic creativity

New VU festival showcases students’ artistic creativity

VU Blues Ensemble performs on stage at reVUe: Arts and Humanities Festival at entrance to Shircliff Humanities Center.

May 04, 2023

VINCENNES, Ind. - The reVUe: Arts and Humanities Festival hosted by the Vincennes University College of Humanities celebrates creative expression through various forms of culture like fashion, poetry, music, and art.

The festival showcases the talents of VU students and artists while providing an opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. It is also an occasion to highlight the importance of humanities and how it can shape a student's future.

The reVUe kicked off for the first time on Friday, April 28, at the Shircliff Humanities Center.

The Dean of the College of Humanities Joan Puckett stressed the significance of the inaugural event.

"Our Arts and Humanities Festival is a wonderful way for our students to showcase their talents and learn from one another,” she said. “We believe that the Humanities play a vital role in shaping our understanding of the world and of ourselves."

VU offers students wide-ranging Humanities programs, including American Sign Language and Deaf Studies; Art and Design; English; English as an Additional Language; Family and Consumer Sciences; General Studies; Philosophy and Religious Studies; and World Language Cultures. 

One of the students participating in the festival, Megan Young ‘25, a transfer student majoring in Graphic Design, shared her thoughts on the event. She was excited yet nervous to read the poem she penned last year in front of a live audience, so she was joined on stage by her friend, Fashion major Manuella Bashir ’23.

“My favorite part of the reVUe Festival was the fact that so many people were able to share and experience each other's art,” Young said. “Having arts-oriented events brings more attention to the programs offered as well as garners exposure for students attending VU.”

She received a joyous round of applause from the crowd after reading her poem titled “Doctors Note.”

“I was incredibly excited because my dream has always been to share my art in the hopes that people can understand and relate to it in the way that the art I have consumed throughout my life inspired me,” Young said.

Manuella Bashir, left, and Megan Young, right
Manuella Bashir, left, and Megan Young, right

She added, “I was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, which gave me the ability to grow up around a large amount of artistic and musical influence. I was very nervous to share my writing, but it was a poem I wrote Spring Semester 2022 about the sadness and depression I was experiencing at the time. I felt very alone so I resorted to expressing my emotions through writing. I also enjoy writing songs and playing them on my guitar.”

Bashir, who is majoring in fashion design and is from Indianapolis, expressed her excitement about showcasing her collection.

“I’m really grateful that I was given the opportunity to show my work,” she said. “It is a great way to announce myself to the fashion industry.”

The stylish business vest Bashir designed and sewed for a fashion course last semester was on display in the Shircliff Center alongside other garments created by her classmates.

"I'm thrilled to be a part of this festival," Bashir said. " It's not every day that you get to display your work in front of so many people. It's a great way to get my name out there, network, and prepare myself to present to future employers."

A ceramics exhibit, where students displayed their works of art and demonstrated how to use a pottery wheel, was also a popular draw. Art and photography were also exhibited in the Shircliff Art Gallery inside the Humanities building.

The festival gives students an avenue to showcase their creativity and skills, which can lead to future opportunities in the field. The reVUe festival is not only about showcasing talents but also about expanding horizons and connecting people. Students meet and learn from people who share their interests.

Bashir said, “I enjoyed everything from the music to the food to the poetry. I was able to meet and talk to people I have never met before who are in the College of Humanities. I really had fun.”

Puckett emphasized the importance of the Humanities and the career possibilities that it can lead to. 

"A degree in Humanities can lead to careers in fields such as the arts, publishing, journalism, design, advertising, public relations, education, and even legal fields,” she said. “Degrees within the Humanities develop critical and creative thinking, effective communication, ethical analysis, artistic creation and evaluation, all skills that are valued in any job market.”

The reVUe Arts and Humanities Festival at VU is a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the humanities. It's an event that allows students to show off their talents, expand their horizons, and connect with others who share their passions. The College of Humanities Recruitment and Retention Committee organized the reVUe.

To learn more about the diverse programs of studies offered by the College of Humanities, explore HERE.

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