New VU program to help current and future educators better teach students with exceptional needs

New VU program to help current and future educators better teach students with exceptional needs

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January 17, 2023

VINCENNES, Ind. - Vincennes University has created a new online licensure program to prepare current and future educators to teach students with exceptional needs. VU was approved by the Indiana State Board of Education in December 2022 for a license addition, Exceptional Needs – Intense Intervention.

During a meeting of VU Education Department faculty with its Teacher Education Advisory Council, they learned more than 1,100 teachers in Indiana were teaching intense needs students who did not have a teaching license in that area. The faculty also met with area special education directors who agreed there is a severe shortage of teachers who possess the appropriate degree and training to teach students with intense intervention needs.

Students with intense intervention needs may be physically handicapped, visually impaired, hearing impaired, have intellectual delays, or have special health problems. 

Current teachers with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education are eligible for the new program. VU students currently enrolled in the Special Education, Mild Intervention K-12 bachelor’s degree program are also eligible to take these courses. 

VU Department of Education Chair Ann Herman is a former special education teacher. Helping this particular student population is incredibly important to her.

"A goal of an educator is to help all students succeed and reach their greatest potential, including those with exceptional needs," Herman said.

The online option should be attractive to current teachers who need flexibility. 

Students enrolled in the program will take two courses in the first summer session and one in the second summer session followed by a 120-hour intense intervention practicum in an appropriate placement.

"We wanted this to be a very "doable" program for current teachers," Herman said.

Anyone interested in more information should contact VU Education Chair Ann Herman at or 812-888-5789.

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