Photo Gallery: VU Pride Walk 2023

Two students at the Pride Walk holding bisexual and nonbinary flags.

April 12, 2023

Vincennes University students, faculty, and staff paraded around the Vincennes Campus in a colorful display of support on Tuesday, April 11. The gathering demonstrates VU’s dedication to having inclusive and welcoming campuses and locations. The Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion coordinated the Pride Walk.

Students standing near students sitting on a skateboarder while wearing rainbow-colored clothing and accessories

The parade started at Alumni Walk. Students were decked out in bright clothing and accessories.

VU students leads the walk through campus

The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for a walk through campus in April.

A student wearing a rainbow heart sticker on cheek and a cape with a rainbow logo on the back

A student wore a unique rainbow cape.

VU students carrying supportive signs and colorful flags

Students carried traditional flags and flags for lesbian, transgender, and non-binary pride. They also carried supportive handmade signs with messages such as "Love is Love."

Students, faculty, and staff pose for a photo at the end of the Pride Walk in front of Jefferson Student Union.

Students, faculty, and staff walked through campus and ended the walk at Jefferson Student Union where they posed for a photo. There was a mixer in the union after the walk.

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