Rheas of Life Singers will perform Sept. 16

Rheas of Life singers posing for a photo.

September 08, 2017

VINCENNES, Ind. - The Red Skelton Foundation will present a concert featuring The Rheas of Life: Rooted in Faith and Family on Sept. 16, 7:30 p.m. (EDT), at Vincennes University’s Red Skelton Performing Arts Center. General admission tickets will cost $10. The Red is located at 20 Red Skelton Blvd. on the VU campus.

Information about the performance and tickets is available by calling the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy, 812-888-4184.


The Rheas of Life singers - Steve and Precious, and their children Doren, Alena, and Camelitte - have been performing for audiences since 2010 when they were invited to sing during a park dedication in Wheatland, Ind. The family has since been performing in venues across the U.S. Fifteen-year-old Doren has recently been recording with a producer in Nashville. This talented family of singers and musicians will delight audiences of all ages with their range of musical styles and genres.