VU announces it will be closed ALL DAY on Monday, April 8

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April 03, 2024

Dear Vincennes University Community: 

In an update to our October announcement, VU will now be closed ALL DAY on Monday, April 8, including all offices and classes at all locations.

As you know, VU has been engaged for the past year in planning for the solar eclipse that will occur next Monday, April 8. Originally, we announced that the University (all locations) and all classes would close at noon local time that day, but we have continually monitored the situation, given the many factors that could impact that day.

Recently, Governor Holcomb signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in anticipation of the influx of eclipse watchers and the potential impact on emergency services.  In addition, though there is still significant variation in forecasts, weather conditions in Indiana appear to provide at least some potential for visibility during the period of totality, increasing the likelihood that traffic will be heavy.

In order to allow all members of the VU community the opportunity to participate in eclipse activities, VU will observe the following schedule on April 8, 2024: 

  • All offices close at all locations.
  • Employees who have been advised by their supervisors to work that day for essential operations and/or special activities will be given applicable comp time (within the pay period) or overtime pay to offset the hours they work on Monday the 8th.
  • Classes will not meet on that day.

Though we will not be officially open during the day, except for essential operations, including residence halls and dining, all faculty, staff, and students are still encouraged to participate in the many VU activities leading up to the eclipse.

We are excited and pleased to support this generational experience for the VU community and the communities we serve.  Please enjoy the eclipse safely–and don’t forget to pick up your pair of VU eclipse glasses for safe and optimal viewing!

Best regards,

The Vincennes University Executive Team:

Tim Eaton, VP Financial Services/CFO

Tony Hahn, VP for Government and Legal Affairs

Chuck Johnson, President

Jaci Lederman, Executive Director of IT/CIO

Laura Treanor, Provost

Dave Tucker, VP Workforce Development and Community Services

Conya Wampler, AVP Financial Services/Controller