VU announces renewal of Residential Opportunity Scholarship Program

Four female students talking amongst themselves inside a dorm room.

February 08, 2024

VINCENNES, Ind. – The highly sought-after Vincennes University Residential Opportunity Scholarship program has been renewed.

The VU administration has enthusiastically approved the renewal of residential opportunity scholarships for students for the 2024-25 academic year, removing financial barriers for students and families.

Recognizing the critical role of accessible and secure housing in fostering a conducive learning environment, VU remains committed to student well-being and academic success. University Housing provides a safe and convenient home base for classes, food, fun, and on-campus activities. VU is committed to providing every student with the opportunity to experience the vibrant campus life, which is why the University introduced residential opportunity scholarships in 2021, ensuring that as many students as possible take advantage of a fully residential college experience.

VU Director of Admissions Sarah McLin said, “With this decision, the University aims to remove financial barriers for students and families and to provide students with the stability needed to thrive in their educational pursuits. These renewed scholarships reaffirm our unwavering commitment to making higher education attainable for all.”

Residential opportunity scholarships offer $1,500 per year, which translates to $750 per semesterto incoming and returning students on the Vincennes Campus. 

To qualify for this scholarship, students must submit a housing application before the May 1, 2024 deadline. The scholarship exclusively covers accommodation within VU residence halls. Apartments are not included in this scholarship program.

Living on campus at VU allows students to immerse themselves in a supportive and diverse community.

This renewal means continued support for VU students’ housing needs, ensuring a contented and supported environment for learning and growth.

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