VU celebrates 2022 Mid-Year Graduating Class at Commencement

VU celebrates 2022 Mid-Year Graduating Class at Commencement

VU Mid-Year graduate is congratulated with a kiss on the cheek

December 05, 2022

VINCENNES, Ind. - Vincennes University celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2022 at its Mid-Year Commencement ceremony on Saturday, Dec. 3.

The University awarded 625 bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and certificates to graduating students. Mid-Year graduates from all VU campuses and sites, including the Vincennes Campus, American Sign Language and Deaf Studies Campus, Aviation Technology Center, Extended Studies, Early College Program, Indiana Military Program, and Military Education were honored at Red Skelton Performing Arts Center. 

Dr. Johnson addressing 2022 Mid-Year graduates

“Today is a special day in the life of these graduates on the stage and probably for everyone in this theater,” VU President Dr. Chuck Johnson said. “This has been a long time getting here, and there have been challenges along the way, including a global pandemic. I’m really proud of the way you stuck with it. I’m proud of the way our faculty and staff were able to convert the ways we did things to make it possible for us to get to this day. You will all be able to look back and say we went through a pretty challenging period and we came out the best for it.” 

VU’s Mid-Year Class of 2022 represents 63 of Indiana’s 92 counties, 25 states, and four countries.

During his special greetings to the Class of 2022, Johnson expressed his congratulations to all of the graduates. Speaking directly to them, he encouraged them to think about the word: tolerance.

Johnson said, “In today’s environment and the social media world we have created and live in, we are so quick to react. We’re quick to judge. We’re quick to shut people down no matter what side of the political spectrum we are on. We’re quick to see things only within the spectrum that we own, but we need to be more mindful. We need to be more graceful. We need to consider the fact that the only way we are going to come together as a community, as a society, and as a world is if we can find common ground and if we can understand what is going on. So often, we react to what we see out of context rather than trying to understand what was meant or what might have led to that opinion or that view. Tolerance doesn’t mean acceptance. It doesn’t mean you have to agree, but it means you have to give space to understand. The divide between us with continue to grow and sharpen if we don’t find that opportunity to learn from one another.”

The Mid-Year Graduating Class of 2022 has created promising futures by achieving college degrees or certificates.

Commencement Student Speaker Taylor Wise of Linton, Indiana, reflected on her classmates’ achievements, hands-on experiences, and social activities. She also shared memories of hanging out on the Vincennes Campus with her father, Audio Recording Program Chair Virgil Franklin. Wise has earned a bachelor’s degree in Special Education, Mild Intervention K-12. Her post-graduation plans include teaching special education at Linton-Stockton Middle School.

“Reflection allows us to think back on our experiences - the highs and the lows - to learn from them and apply that knowledge to our next chapter,” Wise said. “Reflection is about appreciating who you were when you enrolled at VU vs. who you are now as an approaching alum. Even if you have been here for two years or four years, it’s about being proud of the journey that led you here. At VU, I found a community of people who took the time to get to know me and help me succeed. We all have worked hard to get to this day. Some of us will go into the workforce or continue our education here or elsewhere, or some of us might not know what comes next. Wherever we go, I hope we remember and reflect on our time here at VU. Every success and failure has led you to this pivotal moment in your life. No one can take this accomplishment away from you. I’m so thankful to be a Trailblazer."

Visit Vincennes University’s YouTube channel to watch a recording of Mid-Year Commencement. See Commencement photos at the VU SmugMug photo website.

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