VU forges pioneering international partnerships with high schools in Taiwan

VU forges pioneering international partnerships with high schools in Taiwan

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January 25, 2021

January 25, 2021

VINCENNES, Ind. – Vincennes University has created global collaborations and a unique 21st-century educational opportunity for high school students in Taiwan. VU recently entered into new and exciting partnerships with Taipei Private Taibei High School (THS) and Wagor International School (WIS) to provide a path to education for international students during the global pandemic plus offer a reimagined avenue to learning.

VU is partnering in this first-of-its-kind opportunity to grant Taiwanese students the chance to earn college credit that can apply toward a VU degree. The custom online cohort, taught by VU faculty, will allow qualifying students to earn college credit and get a head start on continuing their education in the United States.

Offering college credits to high school students is nothing new for VU. It has been doing it for almost 50 years. However, it is the first time that the VU is working with institutions outside of Indiana.

"We are so excited to be the first university offering concurrent enrollment with high schools in Taiwan, with two outstanding high schools. These new and innovative partnerships build upon the long history of Vincennes University offering accessible, high-quality education and training to generations of students in the U.S. and internationally. We are proud to be pioneers with Taibei and Wagor in this great new adventure,” VU President Dr. Chuck Johnson said.

This joint opportunity benefits students in Taiwan by helping them pursue their dreams of obtaining an American education. It’s not just available to students attending Wagor or Taibei. Students in the region who attend other schools also have access.

It is an excellent option for students to become accustomed to American teaching. It also allows students and their families a chance to experience American education before committing to studying in the U.S. Students can ultimately attend VU on campus or enroll in other higher education institutions in the United States.

Located in the capital city of Taipei, Taiwan, Taibei High School is a private, comprehensive school with more than 100 years of history. Its campus includes kindergarten, a bilingual junior high school, a vocational high school, and a senior high school. An elementary school is currently being established. Taibei will become a K-12 institution in 2022.

“Taibei is a great school with history and tradition. We are proud of our past, but also look forward to our future. In this fast-changing world, we strive to shape and guide our students to be global citizens with an international mind. That’s why we treasure this opportunity to work with you to expand our students’ horizons and pave the way for their future. It’s a first in Taiwan and also a milestone for our collaboration in international education,” Taipei Private Taibei High School Director of Foreign Language Center Celine Yuan.

Wagor International School is in central Taiwan in Taichung City. It is a bilingual, K-12 private committed to providing students the experiences, knowledge, and skills to step in and contribute to phenomenal universities and later the world in unique and inspiring ways. An emphasis is on modern learning, technology, and cultural cultivation.

“The mission of Wagor International School is to facilitate 21st-century learning and foster global citizens who look beyond today for answers and live above limits for a better tomorrow. We are partnering with Vincennes University to pave the way for our students to get a head start to study in the U.S. Individuals in central Taiwan can use the facility as a portal to fulfill their dreams of an American education,” Wagor International School Director of International Program Roy Lee.

This collaboration between VU and high schools in Taiwan is another prime example of VU’s forward-thinking partnerships and innovative programs.