VU honors the past with Women's History Month Fashion Show

Women's Fashion Show participants

March 26, 2024

VINCENNES, Ind. - In celebration of Women’s History Month, Vincennes University hosted an inspiring and thought-provoking Women’s History Month Fashion Show. This innovative event paid homage to the achievements of women throughout history and emphasized the importance of taking tangible actions to promote gender equality in today’s society.

 The Office of Global Diversity and Student Activities sponsored the fashion show at Jefferson Student Union. The event showcased diverse styles spanning different eras, each representing significant milestones in women's history.

The show took the audience on a captivating journey through time, beginning with the roaring 1920s where flappers and suffragettes set the stage for women’s liberation. Transitioning into the 1940s, the runway illuminated the pivotal role of women in World War II, showcasing their strength and determination as they entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers. Moving forward to the revolutionary 1960s, the fashion show embraced the free-spirited essence of the hippie movement, celebrating women’s empowerment. As the show progressed into the 1990s, it captured the rebellious energy of the grunge era, where women embraced non-conformity and challenged societal norms with a distinct style.

Jenna Brooks walks the runway.Jenna Brooks '24, a VU student majoring in History, confidently strutted down the runway wearing a red flapper-inspired ensemble. The New Palestine, Indiana native was excited about participating in an event that serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of women's resilience and progress.

Brooks said, "Women's History Month is important to me in the sense that it can be used to bring attention to issues or events that do not usually receive mainstream attention. However, I think Women’s History Month should be more about action than awareness. Women’s History Month to me is about the possibility to change the current systems we have in place even if it starts out small."

More than just a display of fashion, VU’s show sparked meaningful conversations about the role of women in society.

Dean of Global Diversity Heidi Tasa said, “The women's fashion show was an opportunity to pay homage to the contributions of those whose shoulders we stand. At Vincennes University, we are surrounded by countless women who have blazed their trails and who encourage the future generation to do the same.”

The Women’s History Month Fashion Show demonstrates VU’s dedication to fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment. The University remains committed to championing the achievements of women not just during Women’s History Month in March but all year long.

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