VU Law Enforcement grad Nataly Sandoval lives to serve others

VU Law Enforcement grad Nataly Sandoval lives to serve others

VU alumna Nataly Sandoval trains with a radar gun while sitting in a VU Law Enforcement and Public Safety vehicle

June 07, 2022

By University Relations Student Journalist Josie Kidder

Although Nataly Sandoval loves the thrills of her future law enforcement career, the Vincennes University alumna's passion lies with the satisfaction she gets from helping others in the community.

"I chose law enforcement because I always loved helping and taking care of people," Sandoval says. "I’ve been a DSP (direct support professional) for five years and helped take care of people with special needs. After having my daughter I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a nurse or a cop. I realized that not only do I want to protect her, but I want to protect my community as well. That is why I chose law enforcement.” 

Originally from Washington, Indiana, Sandoval '22 has lived in Vincennes, Indiana, for the past five years. She graduated in April from VU and earned an associate degree in Law Enforcement.

She plans on entering the workforce to become a local police officer.

Nataly Sandoval

Sandoval is forging a path for herself and her daughter, determined to live out her dreams while giving her daughter the best life she can. Sandoval’s favorite part of the day is enjoying the cherishing moments she gets to spend with her daughter.

“It makes me happy knowing I am working this hard so she and I can have a better future,” Sandoval says.

As a student, Sandoval focused on learning about policing, types of crimes, and signaling behaviors. She even had the opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush of stepping on the accelerator in a cruiser as she learned the ins and outs of driving a police vehicle.

VU is great,” she says. “ It has allowed me to earn a degree in a field I am passionate about while creating a better life for me and my daughter."

Sandoval is passionate about helping others every dayShe currently works as a receptionist in VU's Student Success Center.

“I love helping out students and giving them advice,” she explains.

Resources for VU students are abundant. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many academic support services that VU offers.

Sandoval participated in the Collaborative Opportunities for Postsecondary Education (COPE) program. COPE helps first-generation and low-income students in addition to students with disabilities reach their full potential to graduate with the best resources at their grasp.

“COPE offers many resources to their students,” she says. “I was a COPE student and loved being part of it. I love how they all are willing to help and offer helpful advice. They have workshops that students can attend. These workshops teach students about saving money, stress, and a lot more.”