VU ranks above national and state comparisons in new Gallup Alumni Survey

VU ranks above national and state comparisons in new Gallup Alumni Survey

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November 18, 2020

November 18, 2020

VINCENNES, Ind. - Vincennes University scored higher than other schools in Indiana and outpaced national averages among its alumni on how well VU prepared them for life outside of college.

VU graduates who have attained great jobs and great lives were more likely to have had an internship, engaged in supportive experiences with their professors, received very helpful career-related information, and deemed their education well worth the cost in a 2020 Gallup Alumni Survey.

The survey measures the degree to which graduates have “great jobs” through successful and engaging careers and lead “great lives” by thriving in overall wellbeing. The categories include workplace engagement, wellbeing, support and experiential learning, and alumni attachment. Results are based on surveys conducted March 30 - April 28 as many people were dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and living under stay-at-home orders.

An average of nine out of 10 VU alumni are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the education they received.

VU President Dr. Chuck Johnson said, “These results reflect Vincennes University’s long history of delivering high-quality programs and experiences that produce positive outcomes for alumni after graduation and throughout their careers. Our faculty and staff take great pride in seeing our students succeed at VU and beyond. VU is committed to helping students achieve their maximum potential by focusing on affordability, high-level student-faculty interaction, student support and resources, and career readiness.”

Jamesha Hardig (‘18) of Lawrenceville, Illinois is a talker, and she will talk for hours about how much she loves VU and her experiences as a student and athlete.

She also boasts about how she was able to seamlessly transfer from VU following graduation to the University of Nebraska.

“I truly enjoyed VU,” Hardig said. “It was a good time for me. I tell people I’m glad I started there. VU set me up very well with my transfer. I didn’t expect to have transferred over with so many credits. I was just amazed with how much they took care of it. I thought I was going to have to add another fifth year on (at Nebraska), but they said VU set me up very well.”

Hardig graduated from Nebraska in two years with a Bachelor of Science in criminology and criminal justice. She also minored in psychology. She is currently in police academy training for the Robinson (Illinois) Police Department and will soon complete the program.

The connection between education and career is incredibly strong for VU alumni.

Compared to college graduates nationally and alumni of other Indiana universities, VU graduates are highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace. They are driving performance and innovations plus moving their organizations forward.

The survey found, 

  • VU alumni are more likely to have jobs completely related to their major than college graduates nationally and alumni from other Indiana universities.
  • VU alumni are more likely to have the ideal job for them compared to college graduates nationally and alumni from other Indiana universities.
  • VU alumni are more likely to have a job that allows them the opportunity to do work that interests them.

Hardig uses former VU professors for job references and describes one of her former VU instructors as her “role model 100 percent”.

“I created a lot of lifelong mentors through the professors at VU,” she said.

VU ranked above national and state comparison in several areas of critical college experiences, including having professors who cared about them as a person, having at least one professor who made them excited about learning, and having a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams.

Current VU student Allison Burress (‘19) grew up near Cincinnati and always dreamed of attending a large university close to home. Only to discover VU was the perfect fit when it came time to pick a college.

Burress was a dual-credit student in high school. She was focused on going further faster and wanted the ultimate college experience. VU has checked all her boxes and more, including small-class sizes and career center opportunities that have connected her with potential employers.

It took only a year for the Dillsboro, Indiana native to earn an Associate of Science Career and Tech. Then with the guidance of faculty members, Burress discovered her true passion: surgical technology.

As she prepares to graduate in May, it is clear her professors have made a difference in her life.

“We are in clinicals right now, and our professors said from the very beginning that they wanted us to call them when we had a good day or when we have a bad day,” she said. “They said confide in us because we have all been through it, and I’ve done that. They’ve given me kudos. They’ve given me tips and tricks on how to do things differently. They have been there for me even when my roommate had to be quarantined earlier this semester. I am three hours from home, and they checked on me.”

VU has a strong connection to the entire state of Indiana and Hoosiers.

The survey covered graduates as far back as 1950 and as recent as 2019, including alumni who are still pursuing their undergraduate education as well as those at the end of their careers--or even in retirement. Despite the long time span, nearly three out of four respondents said they were still working in Indiana.

Living well and flourishing are vital. Graduates of VU thrive in essential elements of wellbeing.

VU scored higher than national comparison graduates and alumni from other universities in Indiana in the wellbeing categories of purpose, social, financial, and community.

  • VU alumni like what they do each day and are motivated to achieve goals.
  • VU alumni have supportive relationships and love in their life.
  • VU alumni manage their economic lives while reducing stress and increasing security.
  • VU alumni like where they live, feel safe, and have pride in their communities.

Further proof that VU develops well-rounded graduates.