VU Student Lara Gomes de Castro: Blazing a Trail as a Student and Athlete

Lara Gomes leaning against a tree.

October 15, 2021

Lara Gomes de Castro, Behavioral Sciences (’23)

Lara Gomes in her jersey.

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Her story: “I was born in a small town in Brazil and moved to São Paulo, which is the biggest city in the country, and started in the primary school. In middle and high school, I lived in Praia Grande, a beautiful city that became my favorite place, especially because of the beach. I started to play volleyball and beach volleyball (my second passion) there. I also played for another club in a nearby city, and all of these things allowed and helped me to come here.”

Why VU? “The first reason was the high level of volleyball, the second was the quality of the education, especially about the professors. I researched a lot about each one of my courses and professors before I made my decision.”

Plans after VU: “I’d like to transfer to a four-year university, finish my degree in psychology, and become a neuropsychologist.”

What is it like to be a student and an athlete at VU? “It’s hard, especially if you are an international student because everything is very new. Not just the fact that student-athletes need to be both students and athletes, but also the language. Nevertheless, the students, teammates, professors, and everyone who works at VU is very understanding with all these factors. So it has been really nice and pleasant. I am really living my biggest dream.”

Advice for new VU students: “Be patient with yourself, especially because initially, it is always hard to adapt, even as someone from the Americas. Changes are always a long process, but also try to not procrastinate because everyone is understanding with a lot of situations, but they are also very serious about their obligations.”

Lara lives on the Vincennes Campus which puts her within walking distance of classes, fun student activities, amenities, and the P.E. Complex, home of the Trailblazer athletic programs.