VU Student Perla Maldonado: Blazing a Trail to a Brighter Future

Perla Maldonado photo

September 15, 2021

Perla Maldonado, General Studies - English as an Additional Language/Education (’25)

Hometown: Jalpan de Serra, Queretaro, Mexico

Her story: "Two years ago, I arrived in this country. I entered Vincennes Lincoln High School, I advanced a semester, and I graduated in December 2020. After working in a factory, I realized that the best thing for me would be to study a career. I thought about going to study in Mexico. I had already enrolled in a university, but I regretted it and decided to enter Vincennes University since I would be close to my father, brother, and sister." 

Career goals: "I will study to be a teacher in honor of my mother. She was a preschool teacher. I am studying to be a Spanish teacher in an elementary school."

Why VU? "It is a good university. They gave me the opportunity to enter without having a good level of English. They have helped me to learn it and improve it."

What she loves about VU: "My experience has been incredible. I have a good teacher. She is a very kind, understanding, and friendly person. My colleagues are very generous. I have met more students who have helped me practice my English."

Plans after VU: "The first is to find a teaching job, save money, and help my siblings with their university studies after buying a house for myself and my family."

What makes Perla a Trailblazer: "Being in a country that is not mine makes me a Trailblazer. I came to this country in search of a better future and better opportunities."