VU unveils enhanced Alumni Referral Program

VU unveils enhanced Alumni Referral Program

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December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020
VINCENNES, Ind. – As Vincennes University prepares to celebrate Commencement and graduates who soon will be alumni, VU is turning its attention to existing alumni to keep the VU experience alive for future generations.

VU is launching an enhanced alumni referral program that encourages alumni to introduce the University to prospective students. The Refer A Student Program provides an opportunity for alumni to share the best candidates for admission to VU and encourage students to embrace the academic excellence and resources VU offers.

“The best people to refer students to VU are alumni,” VU President Dr. Chuck Johnson said. “They understand VU’s strengths, merit, and reputation as a provider of high-quality education as well as the value of a VU degree.”

Johnson sees alumni as a vital part of helping VU fulfill its mission and has made increasing the number of alumni referrals a strategic priority.

VU alumni continue to rate their VU education highly, according to a recent Gallup survey. VU scored higher than other schools in Indiana and outpaced national averages among its alumni on how well the University prepared them for life after college.

Alumni play a crucial role in VU’s success and shaping its future. 

Alumni like Sally Glenn-Lee are central in promoting VU to prospective students. Glenn-Lee is a shining example of a true Trailblazer.

She credits VU for putting her on the path to a lengthy aviation career filled with trailblazing roles and positions. Glenn-Lee, who resides in California, shares her VU story with any and everyone.

“Vincennes University just opened up my whole world because everybody on campus participated in the individual student,” she said.

Glenn-Lee’s aviation career took off in 1968. She spent a significant portion of her career involved in airline training. She began working for Southwest Airlines as a flight attendant in 1971, the same year the company commenced customer service. She later moved into management. At Thomson-CSF, she was the Product Marketing Manager. She also conceived, developed, and marketed the world’s first self-paced door training system known in the aviation industry as the Intellidoor. She also lobbied the company to create modular training devices that saved substantial manufacturing and operational costs. Glenn-Lee served as vice-president of inflight services and passenger services for multiple airlines.

“Vincennes University made the difference in my life and my career for 50 years,” she said. “Had I not gone to Vincennes University, it’s amazing where I could have ended up. It’s amazing what this university has done for young people. You can tell students feel good about being there. They feel like they’ve found their home to start their life and career. It’s a part of the whole role Vincennes University has played since 1801.”

When alumni or current students refer a prospective candidate, the Admissions team reaches out to the student and sees how VU can help them achieve their goals both in education and life.

Alumni and current students can refer a student by submitting this form:

Assistant Director of Admissions/Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment Tiffany Powell is serving as the Admissions contact for alumni that have questions regarding admissions or need admissions assistance with a student or students they seek to recruit. Powell can be reached at 317-514-5058 or