Protect VU

Protect VU

The Vincennes University Police Department provides comprehensive law enforcement and security services to all components of the University including the academic campus and the area adjacent to the University campus.

The Department has 29 authorized positions including 9 commissioned police officers, 4 support and 16 part-time personnel. Vincennes University Police officers are commissioned under Indiana Statue and have the full range of police authorities granted any municipal law enforcement officer on Vincennes University property. Also, the University Police operate under a memorandum of understanding with the Vincennes City Police, which give the University police officers full powers throughout the City of Vincennes.

Report a Concern

Emergencies: 9-1-1

Vincennes University Police Department

On-Campus phone extension: 5555

Off-Campus phone: 812-888-5555

Sexual Assault Crisis:

Hope's Voice 24-hour hotline: 812-899-4673

Mental Health Crisis:

Samaritan Center 24-hour hotline: 812-886-6880

The Police Department's Chief Executive is the Director of Police and Safety, who reports to the Vice President of Financial Services.

The Vincennes University Police offers the following police services:

  • Enforcement of Federal, State and Local laws.

  • Enforcement of University policies.

  • Criminal Investigations.

  • Vehicle crash investigations.

  • Emergency medical assistance (First Responder).

  • Traffic regulations and control.

  • Vehicle, Bike, and Foot Patrol of University property.

  • Crime prevention and awareness programs.

We believe that all members of the Vincennes University community should feel safe while on campus. Therefore, the Vincennes University Police Department provides escorts for individuals who have legitimate concern about their safety. The Escort Service is provided for your safety while walking on campus. Please call 5555 (on campus phones) and an escort can be summoned to your location and will accompany you to your on-campus destination.

Please contact us for your police service needs. If we are unable to assist you, we will provide you with a referral to an appropriate agency.

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