VU is a tobacco-free campus except for designated tobacco use areas. Please help us maintain a healthy environment for our students, employees, and visitors. Smoking of any type, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited in university facilities and is limited to designated areas and private vehicles.

The policy is in place to promote a healthy environment in which to work, study, and live.  The enforcement of this policy will depend upon the cooperation of all faculty, staff, and students not only to comply with this policy but also to encourage others to also comply. Accordingly, tobacco users are expected to voluntarily comply with the policy.

Anyone who observes a possible violation may courteously and without confrontation inform the individual of the tobacco policy and attempt to offer an information card which outlines the tobacco-free campus policy. Those who suspect another is violating the policy may report it to the appropriate unit for possible disciplinary action.

If the person is an employee and that person continues to use tobacco products in a prohibited area, report the incident. On the Vincennes Campus, contact the Office of Human Resource (812-888-5848); if the person is a student, report him or her to the Associate Dean of Students (812-888-4241).  If on the VUJC campus, please contact the Office of the Dean at 812-482-3030 or Director of Student Services (812) 482-3030.

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