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Welcome to the Vincennes University Police Department

The Vincennes University Police Department strives to provide a safe and secure campus for all and will respect and safeguard the dignity and rights of all individuals. We support the University’s efforts in maintaining an educational environment where diverse social, cultural, and academic values are encouraged to develop and flourish and where our students, faculty, and staff can achieve personal growth and academic excellence.

Your Police Department is here to assist members of the entire campus community with crime prevention, investigations, educational programs, and personal protection trainings. Our objective is to work in partnership with the community and to provide the highest quality of professional police and safety services.

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To request event security or special services please submit a request for service form. Requests for service should be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior to your event date in order to allow for sufficient planning. 


University Watch

University Watch asks the entire community - students, faculty and staff - to look out for each other's welfare; to be alert to anything that threatens the quality of life on campus; and to report all suspicious activities, emergencies and other concerns to someone who can take action.

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Vincennes University employees and students may drive Vincennes University vehicles once approved by the University Police Department. Prior to being able to reserve, check-out, and/or operate a vehicle owned by the University, the employee or student must read, understand, and agree to the Vincennes University Vehicle Usage Procedures and submit a completed Approved Driver Form to the University Police Department. The instructions for completing and submitting the form are on the Approved Driver Form.

Once an employee or student is approved to drive, a vehicle may be requested by following the vehicle reservation process.

All Approved Driver Forms for employees expire every 2 years, from date of approval. Employees will need to submit a NEW Approved Driver Form bi-annually. Faillure to due this will result in the employee being removed from the reservation system.

All Approved Driver Forms for students will expire at the end of every semester. Students will need to submit a NEW Approved Driver Form once the next semester begins, if the need still exists. This will generally need and employee's or supervisor's sign-off.


Vincennes University Police Department
1002 North 1st Street, SIB 57
Vincennes, IN 47591

From a Campus Phone: 5555
From off-campus: 812-888-5555

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